HBCU Awareness Foundation

HBCU Awareness Foundation Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization located in Memphis, TN.

With a vision and passion for building awareness and exposing high school students to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the foundation was brought to life by Corey L. Allen in 2013 with a focus on helping students achieve higher education.


To create opportunities for students, where they can learn and be exposed to Historically Black Colleges & Universities. 


To provide program initiatives and partnerships for students attending, or planning to attend a HBCU.


  • To build awareness of  Historically Black Colleges & Universities.
  • Provide prospective students with admissions and scholarship opportunities.
  • Build partnerships with companies to foster internship opportunities for students attending an Historically Black College & Universities.
  • Develop initiatives to increase enrollment  at Historically Black Colleges and Universities


In 2011, the Memphis HBCU Hoop Classic was created. This two-day event hosted six men and four women basketball teams from selected Historically Black Colleges & Universities to participate in a Classic. This event included a college fair, a job fair, and an HBCU Alumni networking event.

The HBCU Hoop Classic would prove to be impactful for students in the Memphis area. This would set in motion the idea to build awareness of Historically Black Colleges & Universities, and in 2013 the HBCU Awareness Foundation was created.

memphis-hbcu-classic (1)

In 2013 the HBCU Awareness Foundation began as a one day college fair with twelve HBCU's.  In 2015 the fair grew to a three day college fair held in the spring and fall.

That year, twenty-five HBCU recruiters participated and had the opportunity to meet with over 4,000 students from Memphis area high schools. Recruiters were able to offer on site admissions and awarded scholarships to many students. That year 296 students enrolled at an HBCU.

The HBCU College fair has seen tremendous growth over the last twelve years.  The fair is now a six day college fair with over forty HBCU recruiters that participate in the Spring and Fall.

As of September 2022, there have been approximately 8,500 students from Memphis, Tennessee, North Mississippi, and East Arkansas enrolled in an Historically Black College & Universities.

In addition, the foundation has completed 35 HBCU college tours, which has allowed approximately 1,850 students to visit and experience an HBCU campus.