Takara Taylor

Takara Taylor

Greater St. Louis Regional Recruiter

Lincoln University

I have been attending this fair since 2019. This fair has allowed me to reach more students in Memphis, Arkansas and Mississippi and also to expose those same students to opportunities at Lincoln University of Missouri (and Harris-Stowe State University previously). On average, I leave the caravan with over 200 applications/transcripts from students, and we’ve been able to grow our Memphis enrollment by almost 10%. The caravan has also allowed me to connect closer with counselors and community partners.

The most valuable experience that I have gained from attending the fairs in my opinion is the sense of family and camaraderie amongst all of the HBCU recruiters. I think that’s very important when it comes to recruiting as well because the students are able to feel the sense of community that we have. It helps tremendously because the road can get very lonely!

The HBCU Awareness College Fair is unique because it is caravan style so we’re together all week and the students come to us! Corey does a really great job of making sure we’re well taken care of and plans events/programs for us to have a little fun in between the work. WARNING: The HBCU Awareness Foundation Caravan may make you hate attending other fairs! LOL! No one does it like Corey!! Thank you for all that you and your team do for students, HBCUs and the community! We love you!